This site was created to help people learn how to improve their drawing skills. Whether you are looking to learn how to draw better for yourself, or looking for ways to teach your students or kids how to draw, Drawing Studio is here to help. We cover many topics and aspects of drawing, including the fundamentals of art, step-by-step drawing, how to draw cartoon characters, drawing supplies, and more!

Be sure to check out our sections on how to draw especially for kids, if you have a very young budding artist who would like to learn how to draw better.

About me

My name is Shannon and drawing has been a lifelong hobby of mine. As a young girl I was always trying hard to become better at drawing than my older brother. I distinctly remember seeing a drawing he made of a baseball pitcher throwing a ball, and wishing I could draw something that looked so real! So I was always fervently practicing my drawing and eventually came to feel good about my ability. I was voted “most artistic” in my graduating class in high school, and went on to study visual arts at Massachusetts College of Art as well as at the University of Minnesota.

Later on, when I came to have kids of my own, I realized that drawing is the perfect screen-free activity that kids can do anywhere. They can express themselves sometimes better in a drawing than they can in words or in writing, and they are entertained all the while. Drawing is one of our family’s favorite activities to do all together. You can often find us all sitting around the kitchen table after our weekend breakfast, doodling away merrily and chatting with each other. It is my hope that this site will bring you closer to those sacred and joyful moments of creativity, whether they be shared with friends and family, or experienced in the privacy of your own mind.

Happy drawing!


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